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Providing Saliva Sample for DNA Test Kit

The saliva collection kits are easy to use, and detailed instructions are included in each kit. If your order contains more than one kit, please make sure that each individual being genotyped uses the collection tube from the kit they have registered or intend to register.

The collection process is composed of a few basic steps - instructions are included in your kit materials. There are a few things to keep in mind while providing your sample:


Do not eat, drink, smoke, chew gum, brush your teeth, or use mouthwash for at least 30 minutes prior to providing your sample.


Collect the recommended volume of saliva. The recommended volume of saliva to provide is 2 mL, or about ½ teaspoon. Your saliva sample should be just above the fill line.


Provide your sample and add the stabilization buffer within 30 minutes. The full saliva sample should be collected within 30 minutes and the funnel contents should be released into the tube immediately. Waiting longer than 30 minutes may decrease the yield and quality of your DNA.


Cap securely before shipping. Remember to remove and discard the funnel lid and place the tube cap on securely before mailing your sample to our laboratory.

You can provide your sample under varying health circumstances, including while you are pregnant, while you have a cold or the flu, and while you are taking common medications, including those for acid reflux or heartburn. However, if you are undergoing medical treatment that reduces your white blood cell count, such as chemotherapy, it is best to wait at least two weeks after your last treatment or until your white blood cell count has returned to normal.

Your saliva sample is stable at a wide range of temperatures once it is mixed with the DNA stabilization buffer liquid. We recommend that you ship your collected sample to the laboratory at your earliest convenience.


The transportation supplies for your saliva sample are included in your kit. Simply place the collection tube containing your sample in the plastic specimen bag, and then place the bag directly into the box. The plastic clamshell should be discarded. Remove the adhesive strip on the kit flap and seal the kit.


Drop the package off at your local post mailbox; the box is already pre-addressed and pre-paid. If you have DHL shipping materials with your kit, please refer to these shipping instructions. No other personal information is required for the analysis.

To protect your privacy, receiving personnel at the laboratory will remove and discard any identifying information (e.g. name, address) included with saliva samples before testing personnel receive the samples for genotyping. Receiving personnel do not perform testing, and testing personnel only handle samples labelled with the unique barcode.

For additional instructions, check out the following video about sample submission and preparation:


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