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How Do I Upgrade My Genotyping Chip?

Customers who are eligible to receive a chip upgrade can place an upgrade order from within his or her account by going to the Settings page, and clicking the “Learn more about chip upgrades” link. Next, click the “Upgrade now” button and complete the order details.


Commonly Asked Questions

Who is eligible for a chip upgrade?

Customers are eligible for a chip upgrade when the customer was genotyped on a previous version of the 23andMe platform (V1, V2, V3, or V4).

You can view which chip version was used to process your sample from within your account. The genotyping chip version is listed in the Personal Information section of your Account Settings.

Do I have to upgrade?

No, 23andMe will not take away any reports that are currently available to each customer. There are a few benefits to upgrading your genotyping chip to the current version. The most noticeable benefit is access to certain reports that are not available to customers genotyped on previous chip versions. Learn more.

Keep in mind, 23andMe periodically updates its genotyping chip and you may be eligible to upgrade to the latest chip in the future.

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