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What Should I Do If I Sent My DNA Sample to the Lab Before Registering?

Your sample will not be processed until registration is completed. When your unregistered sample is received at the lab, an email titled "Action Required" will be sent to the email address provided when the order was placed. This email will contain your sample's barcode (see example below), which you can use to register online.


Keep in mind that if you received your kit as a gift, the purchaser will receive this email if their email address was provided when placing the order. You may need to contact them directly for your kit’s barcode.

If you're in the UK and you purchased your collection kit through an authorized retailer, an email address is not connected with the collection tube’s unique barcode and we will be unable to provide you with your kit’s barcode. In order to receive the 23andMe Personal Genetic Service, a new sample will need to be provided. Contact Customer Care for further assistance.


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