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The 23andMe Mobile DNA Reports App

Access your 23andMe reports, connect with family and friends, and help drive scientific and medical discoveries wherever you go with the 23andMe mobile app. The 23andMe® mobile app is available for download on both iPhone® and Android™ devices.

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What can I do with the 23andMe Mobile App?

If you are a new 23andMe customer, use the mobile app to create an account and register your sample kit.

Once your results are ready, you can access your personalized 23andMe reports and sharing features on your mobile phone wherever you have internet connection. You can also help drive scientific and medical discoveries by completing surveys and participating in 23andMe Research at any time (if applicable to your account). 

    • Register a kit
    • Navigate within your account
    • Access your reports
    • Connect with family and friends
    • Participate in 23andMe Research
Registering a kit

Before you submit your sample, you will need to register your saliva collection tube to a 23andMe account. To begin registration using the mobile app, open the app and click "Register a Kit."

Learn more about registration.

Navigating Within Your Account

Many 23andMe customers participate with their family members, including parents, children, siblings, or spouses. When registering your kits, you can choose to place all family members in one account or establish separate accounts for each individual.

Learn more about account options for families.

Accessing Your Reports

The majority of your 23andMe reports and features are easily accessible within the 23andMe mobile app. Use the navigation at the bottom of the app when logged into your account to access and explore your information.

You also have the ability to modify your profile information and update your consent selections when logged in.

Connecting with Family and Friends

Use the Connections section of your account to find genetic relatives from around the world and share and compare results with friends and family.

Participating in 23andMe Research

Use the Research section of your account to complete surveys at any time.

If you would like to update any of your answers to your Surveys or Quick Questions, you can do so by logging into your 23andMe account on our website and navigating to the Edit Answers section of our Research center.

Note that for certain customers, participation in 23andMe Research is not available. Learn more

Is the 23andMe Mobile App free?

Yes, the app is free to download but to become a 23andMe customer and receive your personalized 23andMe Reports, you will need to purchase the 23andMe® Personal Genetic Service. Additionally, your wireless service provider's connectivity or usage rates may apply.


Can I download the 23andMe Mobile App on my iPhone mobile device?

Yes! The 23andMe app is available on the App Store for iPhone. The 23andMe app is compatible with iOS 10.0 or later. To download this app, visit the App Store on iPhone.

Once the app is installed, sign in to your 23andMe account and explore!


Can I download the 23andMe Mobile App on my Android phone?

Yes! Our app is now available on Google Play™. The 23andMe app is compatible with Android KitKat 4.4 or later. Download on Google Play.

Once the app is installed, sign in to your 23andMe account and explore!


Can all 23andMe customers use the 23andMe Mobile app?

Yes! Customers who have purchased a collection kit have access to the 23andMe mobile app.


When should I use the 23andMe website instead of the 23andMe Mobile App?

Not all 23andMe features accessible on our website are available in our app. If you need to access any of the following, we suggest visiting via a web browser on your mobile device or computer.


Our Mobile App Team is committed to expanding the features in our 23andMe app, let them know what feature(s) you want in our app by emailing us.


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