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New Populations in Ancestry Composition

We are excited to announce that new regional populations have been added to our Ancestry Composition feature!

African Regional Populations

The African regional populations are increasing from four (4) Sub-Saharan populations to thirteen (13) regional populations. Below you can find the Sub-Saharan populations available in Ancestry Composition:

  • Ghanaian, Liberian & Sierra Leonean (New)
  • African Hunter-Gatherer
  • Southern East African (New)
  • Congolese (New)
  • Ethiopian and Eritrean (New)
  • Senegambian & Guinean (New)
  • Nigerian (New)
  • Somali (New)
  • Sudanese (New)
  • Broadly Southern East African and Congolese (New)
  • Broadly West African
  • Broadly Northern Eastern African (New)
  • Broadly Sub-Saharan


East Asian and Native American

The East Asian and Native American regional populations are increasing from eight (8) populations to fourteen (14) regional populations. Below you can find the East Asian and Native American regional population available in Ancestry Composition:

  • Native American
  • Siberian
  • Manchurian & Mongolian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Indonesian, Thai, Khmer, & Myanma (New)
  • Chinese
  • Chinese Dai (New)
  • Vietnamese (New)
  • Filipino & Austronesian (New)
  • Broadly North Asian and Native American (New)
  • Broadly Chinese and Southeast Asian (New)
  • Broadly Japanese and Korean (New)
  • Broadly East Asian and Native American


What is the Ancestry Composition report?

The Ancestry Composition report estimates what percent of your DNA comes from each of 45 reference populations worldwide, reaching back about 500 years. It also tells you about your connection to over 115 Recent Ancestor Locations, which are specific countries where one or more of your ancestors likely lived within the last 200 years. Both of these analyses look at DNA you inherited from ancestors on both sides of your family.

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