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Can I print my 23andMe results?

23andMe is exclusively an online service, and the information available to you from your 23andMe Personal Genome Service is presented only in the context of our web-based tools and features. We do not provide a printed or printable report via mail or email.

We do provide a printable Genetic Health Overview which allows you to print your elevated health risks in a single PDF document. To navigate to this printable report, hover over My Results in the top navigation bar, and then click on Health Overview. Click the Print link in the upper right corner.

You can also reach the printable health overview directly via The health overview includes brief summaries of your 23andMe results for:

  • diseases for which you are at greater than average genetic risk,
  • heritable diseases for which you carry one or more genetic variants (carrier status),
  • and drugs to which you are likely to have an atypical response based on genetics.

In addition, each individual health report includes a link to a PDF version of that specific report; look for the PDF icon and link above the report images on the right side of each report: 


The 23andMe ancestry features are not readily printable, although you may download the .CSV files available in DNA Relatives and Countries of Ancestry. In DNA Relatives, you will find a Download link in the upper right; in Countries of Ancestry, you will find a button beneath the chromosomes that says Download [Profile Name's] Ancestry Finder matches (CSV)

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