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Shareable Ancestry Features

Want to reveal your Neanderthal roots to all your friends on Facebook? Or let your Twitter followers view your Ancestry Composition? A select number of features are available to be shared via publishing a public, interactive version of the specific result page. Friends you share with will not be able to view other reports in your account. Pages that can be shared via publishing will have a Share link in the upper right - look for it on the following ancestry feature pages:

If you’d like to share all of the pages in your account, use the Genome Sharing feature to send a basic or extended sharing invitation. The recipient will get an email prompting them to log in to their account or create a free demo account to accept your sharing invitation. If you change your mind and want to stop sharing a page, simply unpublish it. To unpublish a page, click the Share link and either click "Hide Page" in the dialog box or go to the published page and click the "unpublish" button. If you change your mind, you can always share it again.

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